Bespoke Gilding

Sean Phelan Mirror Gilding in his studio in the Cotswolds 

I feel especially privileged to continue the art of gilding. Although techniques have changed over the years, the craft has retained many traditional skills laid down by master gilders of the past.

Gilding brings a feeling of mindful serenity in the handling of delicate sheets of fine gold or platinum leaf: the creation of a static charge by the gentle touch of a sable brush on skin, and the slowing of the heart to calm the hands to facilitate the precise application of the delicate leaf. 

Sean Phelan at work in his Mirror Gilding Cotswolds Studio

All this would be for nothing, however, without the joy of seeing a client's reaction when presented with a newly restored heirloom, or the excited face of someone discovering the beauty of a contemporary gilded mirror.

If you should like to learn more about the gilding process, you can watch my latest Instagram videos where I share with you my gilding journey and passion for the craft. 

Perhaps you have a special mirror or frame that needs some love, seeking a unique piece for your home, or for an incredibly special gift? I can restore your treasured mirrors & frames and bring them back to their original beauty. I can also help you to craft a show-stopping piece for your home. If you are after a unique commission, simply get in touch and drop me a message.